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Accent Event Rentals is your premier source of luxury event rentals. Whether you are thinking of putting together an epic wedding, bar mitzvah or a corporate gala, we can help you transform your event space.



Imagine a world free of the "traditional" dance floors and in its place unique décor pieces customized to fit your unique affair. We bring elegance to every event by transforming those existing dance floors with high quality vinyl covers. We finish things off with a customized logo that brings that personalized touch a standard dance floor lacks.


Marquee Letters

Planning you engagement photoshoot? Try our customized 5 foot Marquee Letters. These fun pieces are a perfect way to make any ordinary photo look fun and memorable.


Custom Mirror Frames

Let us build a custom framed life size mirror with your table assignments that will not only add a statement piece to your cocktail hour but will also be a unique way for your guests look for their tables. The old paper cards are a thing of the past. Our talented team can also customize glass etched mirror frames for any bash.  Add them to your next event and let our professional staff help you throw an unforgettable celebration.


Room Draping & Lounge Furniture

We can top things off with luxurious drapes and accent decor pieces that can transform any ordinary space into our client's dreamland. We are meticulous about every detail to ensure that we set your event apart from the crowd. With an experienced event design team on board, we are bound to Wow your guest with a transformation not even thought of by our competition. Click or dial today and get one of our designers to bring your vision of an unforgettable event to life.

For events of any size, Accent Event Rentals is a one stop solution for your event, including delivery and setup! Browse our full selection of services below. Build a wishlist of items for your dream day and reach us for handling your special day with perfection. Our experienced staff will be able to make your dream event come to life.

Furniture Rental

furniture rental

Our premium grade designer furniture are a favorite amongst designers and clients. Available in a variety of styles and colors, we thrive on the quality and value these pieces add to the overall look of your event. With competitive pricing and world class customer service we thrive on the idea of quality at a good price. Our custom designed furniture pieces have been a hit among clients from all different walks of life. From luxury weddings to chic corporate events, these masterpieces add an elegant look to your event at a competitive price. Contact Us for pricing and details.

room draping

Our luxurious drapes can transform any ordinary space into our client's dreamland. Any space can be transformed, at least that's what design team at AER believes in.  A well draped room or event space can bring the intimacy that's lacking otherwise. We have thousands of yards of premium fabric in stock to drape hundreds of feet of space to give it the cozy feel you are going for. Lets get in touch and talk about transforming your event space. Click or call to get pricing and details.

Floor Wrap


Whether you are thinking about putting together an epic wedding, bar mitzvah or a corporate gala, we can help you transform your event space by providing high quality customized decor pieces. Imagine a world free of the "basic" dance floors. We bring elegance to any event by transforming those existing dance floors with high quality vinyl covers.  Contact us for pricing and details

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication

We have in house multi-talented fabricators that can design everything and anything that is required to being that unique event to life. From hanging floral structures from the ceiling to creating mirrored aisle, there is nothing that is beyond our crew's reach. Our experienced and uniformed installation crew work in the finest hotel ballrooms and private estates. Their code of conduct and strict adherence to timelines is impeccable. Click below to learn more about our installation service. Call us today to sign up for a design consultation.